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Our Team.

Michael Farquharson (ViolinPiano).jpg

Michael Farquharson (Violin/Piano)

Michael is a violinist and a pianist living in Newton, MA. Michael has been playing the violin and piano since early childhood. He has played in many orchestral concerts/recitals inclusive of the NEC's Jordan Hall in Boston. Since he founded Care-to-Share in 2019, he has been heavily involved in working with youth, tutoring them all that he knows on his instruments, sharing the joy, resilience, and the self-actualization that music gives to him. 

Lazar Kaminsky (Cello).jpg

Lazar Kaminsky (Cello) 

Lazar Kaminsky is a cellist based in the Boston area. Lazar lives in Wakefield, MA. He has been playing cello for ten years. Lazar won the AIMS Festival Concerto Competition both in 2015 and 2019. He was the principal cellist of NEC Prep String Chamber Orchestra. He was also  the principal cellist of the NEC Youth Symphony in 2019. Lazar has performed as a soloist in NEC’s Jordan Hall, Italy, Spain, Israel, and Mexico. He loves working with youth and the elderly. He's passionate about working with youth and teaching them how to play the cello, as well as spending time at elderly homes sharing his music. 

Naz Turkmen.jpg

Naz Irem Turkmen (Violin)

Naz is joining Care-to-Share from Turkey. She lives in Istanbul and attends Istanbul State Conservatory with parallel studies at Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich while continuing her academic education at the Uskudar American High School in Istanbul. 


Naz has been identified as one of the most talented young Turkish musicians, and as such has been the recipient of an outstanding scholarship from the “ Young Musicians on World Stages “ initiative carried out by Güher & Süher Pekinel, the world famous twin pianists from Turkey. As part of this scholarship, Naz has also been the proud recipient of an 18th century violin that she has been using. 


Naz has attended the masterclasses of great pedagogues such as Prof. Dora Schwarzberg,  Kirill Troussov, Itzhak Rashovsky and Ellen Jewett. She won “Grand Prize” & “Special Prize for Exceptional Artists Personality” at Odessa International Violin Competition in 2018,  first prize at the “12th Grumiaux International Competition for Young Violinists” in 2019 in Belgium.

Naz continuously participates in concerts with the most outstanding symphony orchestras of Turkey as well as recitals. 


Naz joined Care-to-Share because she fully believes in the power of music education and the positive impact it has on the most vulnerable youth in any society. She is aware that music education is expensive, and is seen as a luxury component by many decision makers in public school education and hence not prioritized by public funding in the world. Naz believes this reality hits the marginalized youth the hardest, and prevents them from having access to music education. Sharing her passion and talent with children who most need it is a fuel for Naz’s continuous dedication and creativity in the arts. 

Can Sarac Photo.jpg

Can Sarac


Can Sarac is an outstanding talent from Turkey. He is studying piano at Istanbul University State Conservatory while continuing his parallel studies at Hochschule für Musik und Theater München Pre-College. Since 2018, Can has been the recipient of numerous international prizes in solo, duo, and accompaniment categories, and has performed at Carnegie Hall, NY, and Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels among other important venues. Can won First Prize & Grand Prize at the 4th International Young Talents Music Awards in Istanbul (2019), and First Prize both at the St. Petersburg International Piano Competition in Russia (2020)  and the Franz Liszt Center Piano Competition in Spain (2021). He has passed his Royal Schools of Music ABRSM exams with Distinction and is now eligible to take DipABRSM exams.


Can is inspired by music’s power to transcend beyond any social, economic, cultural, and physical boundaries. It is through this inspiration that Can joins Care-to-Share and is happy to share his talent and knowledge with the children of the world.

Ben Shaar.jpg

Ben Shaar (Piano)

Ben lives in Newton and attends the Newton South High School. He has been playing the piano since he was 5 years old. He is from the Top Alum, America’s largest national platform celebrating the most talented young classically trained musicians. Ben is a four time winner of the Bay State Competition, and also he has been placed third in the Belts Piano Competition. Ben participated in music theory classes at the Juilliard School of Music. Ben believes music education makes a difference in children's lives, and he is keenly interested in sharing his talent with children who do not have access to music because he wants to be part of that difference.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 9.46.44 PM.png
  • Mya Brewster (Voice, Piano, Ukulele)

Mya lives in Boston and attends Bedford High School. Mya’s love for music began right after learning her ABCs in Kindergarten. Since her school in Boston didn’t have funding for a music program, she did not have access to music education early on and musical instruments remained a dream for her. Mya’s school was focused on increasing academic performance and test scores and music education seemed to be a luxury. However, Mya soon found out that she had a natural ability to sing, and through singing she discovered a side to life that she now thinks she cannot live without. Through the later years of her education, Mya was fortunate enough to have access to great music programs and develop her natural talents in music and drama. Mya has performed at Providence Bruins, the Strand Theatre of Boston, and the Faneuil Hall of Boston. 


For Mya, Care to Share hits close to home. She believes youth outreach is critical to childhood development particularly for building self-esteem and establishing coping mechanisms and becoming resilient. Mya knows how important the power of community is 

for the marginalized children, and she is more than ready to share her voice to empower all children who may benefit from her talents and experiences. 

Glanzer Mar.jpg

Glanzer Mar

(Piano, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Ukulele, Cavaquinho)

Glanzer lives in Newton and attends Newton South High School. His dad being a producer, Glanzer has been around musicians and instruments all his life. He started learning piano at an early age and continued his musical growth with learning new instruments such as bass guitar, violin, ukulele, drums, and cavaquinho. Glanzer enjoys writing parodies and performing them using a variety of instrumental accompaniments. 


Glanzer is a strong believer in the power of community and a supporter of the Care-to-Share mission to bring music into the lives of the most vulnerable children. In addition to Care-to-Share, Glanzer has been involved in busking to raise funds and help the community. 

Rachel Fensterer (GuitarUkeleleVoice).jpg

Rachel Fensterer (Guitar/Ukulele/Voice)

Rachel is a guitarist, ukulelist and a singer. She lives in New Jersey. Rachel believes music is a universal healer, and that everyone needs opportunities to experience music on different levels. Rachel has joined Care-to-Share because she strongly believes in its mission: Music can be a great agent of change for the better in the world. Rachel has participated in numerous performances sharing her passion for music through the avenues of her different artistic experiences including theatre, and loves sharing her knowledge and skills with those who might benefit from it. 


Chloe Pichon (Guitar/Piano)

Chloe Pichon is a Guitarist and a Pianist attending the Stamford American International School in Singapore. Chloe's passion for music expands practically over a decade through guitar and piano studies/performances,guitar being her primary and piano being the secondary instrument. Being French but living in Singapore, Chloe joins Care-to-Share from overseas and brings her musical experience enriched by her authentic understading of diversity and inclusion into her work with the youth and elderly. Chloe believes in the uniting and community-building power of music.

Violet Beller.jpeg

Violet Beller

(Voice, Piano, Guitar, Song Writing)

Violet is a vocalist attending LaGuardia Performing Arts High School in New York. Violet started her musical journey with piano when she was about 5 years old. Her love of music sparked from there and later led her to the discovery of  her passion for creating her own songs. Violet was a part of Brooklyn Youth Chorus for many years, and has participated in choir performances and concerts displaying her own music. She has also participated in performances and events through Concerts in Motion- an organization providing live music to underprivileged adults and adults with disabilities. Her experience there was crucial, making Violet realize the impact of music on others, particularly the ones in need. She believes music is the key in bringing people together and is a great outlet to express yourself and connect with the community and the world. 

Violet is excited to join the Care-to-Share team and share her talent with children.

Patrick Hughes.jpeg

Patrick Hughes (Drum/Percussion)

Patrick is a drummer and a percussion player from Dix Hills NY. He  has been involved in music  since a young age, both in and out of school. Patrick has lots of marching band, jazz band, stage band, select band, and wind ensemble experience along with Nyssma, Scmea, and Scmea Day of Percussion experience. While constantly improving on his technical skills and overall musicianship, as well as participating in performances in an ongoing manner, Patrick also has been dedicated to working with youth and elderly sharing his music with them in different capacities. Patrick joined Care-to-Share because he believes in the power of music and he believes in the power of community!


Lucia Correa (Guitar/Saxophone/


Lucia is from Colombia. She lives in Cali, southwest of Bogota. Lucia has been playing the guitar since the age of 8 and the saxophone 12, and singing since the age of 6.  Music has been a calling and a way of life for Lucia from a very young age. She has been performing in bands and orchestras, and sharing her music with others through solo performances. Coming from a country where a lack of passion and dream is often replaced with desperation and violence, music has been the passion and more importantly the dream for Lucia. She has had ample experiences of sharing the gift of music working with the most marginalized children in Colombia and understading the true meaning of "making a difference" through the touch of a teacher who cares and can help spark a dream in a young heart. Lucia believes music could be a bulwark against crime and violence, and a bridge to resilience for children, and she finds it very rewarding to be able to stand and watch the "change" from the teacher's side.

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