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Care-to-Share is Proud to Announce a New Program in Haiti

We are in the process of establishing a music program at the CLIC Preschool in Port-au-Prince. Haiti has dealt with political turmoil and is currently recovering from a devastating earthquake. We are so excited to be a helping hand in Haiti's recovery!!! Every bit counts.

We also want to extend our gratitude to Ms. Roberta Youance, the Academic Director at CLIC, for her relentless initiative to provide her wonderful students with musical opportunities despite the challenges of the earthquake at this time. It's great to work with people from all around the world who believe in the power of music

--The Care-to-Share Team

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CLIC Preschool
CLIC Preschool
27 okt. 2021

In recent years, everything has been a free fall in Haiti: the environment, politics, government, human relations; in all, the society in general. All because of the collapse of education system all over the country.

For the past 30 years, good education is for the rich families because of the exorbitant cost (justifiable moreover) of the institutions. Even working middle class families are having trouble paying. That is why we move to Haiti and founded CLIC. We provide good affordable education to all children. Of course we need your support. However, nothing beats a good prayer. Pray for Creative Learning International Center! PRAY FOR HAITI!

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Dear CLIC School,

It is not humanly possible not to feel for what the people of Haiti have been going through for a long time. As the country's turmoil and people's struggles are sadly getting deeper, our hearts and minds stay with you, and so does our commitment at Care-to-Share to continue to bring some happiness and light into the children's life in Haiti through music. There is so much the world can do--All it takes is a little "Care."

Michael Farquharson

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